BBFAA, Inc. annually provides high school seniors and college students the opportunity to compete for two different scholarships: The Philippine Scholarship and the U.S. Educational Grant

The Philippine Scholarship is for students, within the Philippines, who have demonstrated academic excellence and financial need.


The U.S. Educational Grant is for local area high school seniors and college students, who live within a 75 mile radius of Tallahassee. Eligible students participate in an annual essay contest, which begins in February of each year, and is awarded to those students who write the best essay response.

Information on the 2019 BBFAA Educational Grant:
2019 BBFAA Educational Grant Information
 2018 Recipients of $500.00 Grant:
Stephen Johnson (Winning Essay)
Melina Khosrovani
Contact Person: Hosea Battles (850) 322-4927, Chairman BBFAA Educational Grant Committee