BBFAA Membership
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Joining BBFAA is the perfect way to stay connected with Filipinos in the Big Bend area. In addition, BBFAA works on behalf of the Filipino community to improve cultural awareness through education and performances, inform the public and policy leaders about the importance of diversity in the community, and reach out to Filipinos in the United States and in the Philippines. Join now and become part of these efforts.

BBFAA membership is open to all who are interested in the Philippines and the Filipino culture, regardless of ethnic origin.

Benefits of BBFAA membership:

  • Join social activities.
  • Gain the opportunity for community involvement and charitable contributions.
  • Build strong social network connections within the Filipino community.
  • Qualify to run and hold office as a BBFAA Officer or Board Member. Must be in good standing as a member for two consecutive years.
  • Receive grievance support for immediate family members (father, mother).
  • Vote during BBFAA election year. Must be in good standing during election year.
  • Receive discounts to BBFAA events, such as the BBFAA Christmas Party.
  • Gain the opportunity to make a difference in the community within the U.S. and in the Philippines.
  • Attend Filipino cultural events and experience Filipino dance and song performances. Enjoy Filipino cuisine.

Membership Categories:

Lifetime membership ($250) is a membership plan that covers a member and their immediate family members, such as a spouse (or domestic partner) and dependent children (while under 18 years of age), for the remainder of their lives. This membership is a one-time payment that lasts for a lifetime per family and does not need to be renewed.

Regular membership ($25 annually) is for a regular member, who is classified as an individual 18 years and above, or family. A family is comprised of a married couple or domestic partners, as defined by law, which may include dependent children under 18 years of age. A regular member is eligible to vote and hold office. Annual membership term covers the month of October to the next October for the current fiscal year.

Student membership ($10) is for fulltime students at the time of renewal of membership, who are eligible for reduced membership fee.

New members joining in the middle of the year pay prorated fees.

Great deals on multi-year membership (regular members only):

3-year membership: $72 (save $3)
5-year membership: $115 (save $10)