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Pinóy Talents

Taas-noo kahit kanino!

Filipino talents are unique in the world. Honed by culture, they are inimitable mixture of the progressive West and mystic East. We are proud that in our small community in the Big Bend Area, we are blessed with a multitude of talents within our membership. Since most of our members are also highly educated, we represent the cream of the crop of all the Filipino organizations. Some have attained international recognition for their works or have been recognized within our community and in the Philippines. They have given inspiration and have served as role models for our children to emulate. This page is the showcase of Pinóy talents where we highlight these unique abilities that sets us apart from others. Click on the links below and find out how these individuals light the fire of Filipino pride in your hearts. Magagalíng talagá ang mga Pinóy!

Member works that appear in other media or publications.

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