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Filipinos regard education as a cherished legacy, primary for climbing the social and economic ladder. It is a dream of Filipino parents to see their children on stage receiving their diplomas. Unfortunately, to many, this dream remains unreachable. Although parents make great sacrifices to provide education for their children, sheer poverty makes college impossible for many young people. Indeed, education has become a luxury for the poor and a privilege for the wealthy. 
In spite of a high literacy rate of 95%, Philippines remains one of the poorest nations in the world. Adverse economic conditions have placed enormous burdens on government subsidies for college education. Out of 2.2 million entering freshmen in 1996, less than 300,000 made it through college. Only one out of nine students majoring in education, science, and engineering completes the degree. 

Due mainly to economic and financial hardships, many college students perform menial jobs to pay for their studies and help their parents support the family. There is a large percentage of dropouts and a staggering number of non-graduate and, eventually, unemployed citizenry. This creates an underproductive workforce and a recipe for endless poverty and poor economic growth for the country. 
The BBFAA Scholarship Fund was established in 2004 to provide financial assistance and tuition support to economically disadvantaged but deserving students, taking degree courses in public colleges and universities in the Philippines. The student beneficiary is required to maintain good academic standing to keep the scholarship until the degree is completed. A close contact with the Association, coupled with school reporting, ensure that funds are used properly. 

Tuition costs an average of $100 per semester in a public college in the Philippines. Students need at least $360 more to support living, books, and other expenses. The cost of a good seat in a stadium during the playoff games is more than enough to pay for all of these.

Your gift to this program will go a long way towards helping Philippines achieve its rightful place in the world community. The world benefits when people are given ample opportunities in education. Your participation in this program is your commitment to making this world a better place.

The Filipino dream is not a beautiful house, a flashy car or untold riches. It is the fulfillment of hope, the achievement of faith, and the recognition of dignity within the human self. We build a better world by making this dream come true, one person at a time.


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