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Tambulì (tum-booh´-leeʔ) chronicles the activities of the BBFAA and serves as a historical record of Filipino presence in Tallahassee and the Big Bend area. It started in 1992 simply as The Newsletter, an efficient two-page brochure format that served as a medium of communication among members of the association. In 1996, Dr. Filemon took the editorship of the newsletter. The name Tambulì was adopted following a member-wide contest and the paper was transformed into a 8-page tabloid.  In 1999, under the editorship of Ms. Barbara Reyes, the Tambulì took its 12-page booklet format with color inserts that we see today. Tambulì is published quarterly.

Tambulì's masthead shows the flags in the logo depicting the Filipino-American nature of the club. The background of fields and the man blowing the tambulì is reminiscent of the ricefield scenery in the Philippines. The tambulì, a horn made from carabao horn, is used by our forefathers to signal the start of day — to awaken the community to start work in the farm. In the same light we look at our newsletter as an instrument to awaken the Filipino spirit among us. The oak tree with leaning branches is typical of the trees in the famed canopy roads of Tallahassee and the sun symbolizes our Sunshine State. This picture aptly represents Filipinos in the Big Bend area!

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